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The service list can be overwhelming! Take a peak at the information below to see what service may fit your needs and lifestyle the best!

Lash Extension Information

Lash Extensions should be washed daily with an oil-free cleanser only! Oil can break down the adhesive and cause lashes to prematurely fall out. Want even better retention? Wash your lashes before arriving to your appointment!

No mascara can be worn with Lash Extensions and we recommend opting in for the felt-tip eyeliner instead of gel eyeliner. 

Do not pick, pull, or twist your lash extensions. If you want to take a break we recommend scheduling a removal. 

Lash Extensions must be filled every 2-3 weeks as needed. A fill requires at least 40% of lashes to still be retained. A low maintenance fee may be applied to your fill. If you arrive with little to no lashes, you may be asked to schedule a full set or a 75-90 min fill. If you notice abnormal shedding, reach out asap. 

Any fill 4-weeks or more is a full set.

Lash Lift and Brow Lamination Info

Your lash lift and tint will NOT damage your natural lashes if you give them the TLC they deserve. 

Do not wash your lashes or brows for the first 24-hours. That means no gym, hot yoga, sauna, swimming, showering, water balloon fights, excessive crying. 

Mascara and brow pencils can be used after the 24-hours. No waterproof, ever. Just toss it out and give your lashes and brows a break!

Do not use waterproof products on your lashes or brows 48-hours prior. 

Apply castor oil daily to brows and as needed for lashes for hydration.

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